A modern approach to therapy and wellness that focuses on helping women & mothers navigate some of life’s most important transitions.

Take reign of your life

Welcome to Reign Counseling Services

All women deserve to feel empowered, supported and heard. I empower women to invest in themselves by providing services in a way that is unique to them, because you deserve to live a life you love.



Your future therapist who is honored to walk alongside you as you take reign over your life.

I'm here to provide you with therapeutic support that is curated for your specific needs and to help you overcome challenges while taking back the reigns of your own life. Sometimes life can be challenging, but you don't have to go through it alone. 

I can’t wait to meet you! Until then, get to know me, from my passions, education and credentials to who I am outside of the office. 

Hi, I'm Holly

My couples therapy provides a safe space for both partners to explore relationship dynamics, resolve conflicts, and build a healthier, more fulfilling connection together.


Couples Therapy

In my therapy sessions designed for moms, you'll find a nurturing place to discuss your needs, balance life’s demands, and enhance your well-being as both a woman and a parent.


Individual Therapy for Moms

My individual therapy sessions for women offer a supportive environment to tackle life’s challenges and foster personal growth.


Individual Therapy for Women


”Holly has taught me how to manage my anxiety and I am beyond grateful to have found her. Prior to working with Holly I was really struggling, without the skills I learned from Holly I wouldn’t have gained my confidence or found the joys in my life again.”

”Holly is the first therapist I’ve been to and I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. Holly is extremely helpful, experienced and supportive and she helps address the issues at hand directly. I’m still new in my process but I am very thankful to have found her.”

”Holly has helped my fiance’ and I learn how to keep the lines of communication open and develop a plan with one another when things become challenging. We have began leaning on one another in a healthy way thanks to Holly and the guidance she has given us.”

what clients are saying

Kind words


Group Therapy allows women to come together in a safe place where they are validated, supported by one another and are given the opportunity to cultivate a strong community.

Group Therapy


As an LCSW with over 7 years of clinical experience, I’ve faced many challenges that I wish I had been better prepared for. Due to this, I am dedicated to helping social workers feel more confident and prepared for this next professional stage of their lives.

As your supervisor, my main focus is to offer support, preparation, and the essential tools you will need to navigate this field. When we work together I will provide you with an integrative approach that takes into account strengths based perspectives, trauma-informed care, licensure exam preparation and effective private practice strategies to assist you in preparing for your upcoming career goals. 

Individual and Group Supervision Rates (One Hour): $60

Are you a Registered MSW Intern seeking supervision for clinical licensure in the state of Florida?

Clinical Supervision

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